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Better Than the Prom

Sign in or register for a free account to start reading the bonus short story from Better Than the Movies now! Prom night has arrived, and Wes Bennett couldn’t be less excited. Not only is he not going with Liz, the girl he’s loved his entire life, but Liz is going with Michael, the guy she’s loved her entire life. Talk about a nightmare. They manage to avoid each other at the event, but every glance he steals of her in that gown, smiling up at her date, feels like a punch to his solar plexus. But when she’s waiting for him after he ditches the dance, he realizes that nothing about the prom even matters. Because Liz Buxbaum, in Chuck Taylors and a sweatshirt under the streetlight that shines above their spot, is actually far better than the prom. Start reading Lynn Painter's next book The Do-Over, out RIGHT NOW!

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