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The Hallow Hunt

Bly has nothing left to lose in her quest to save her sister in this thrilling sequel to The Revenant Games that’s perfect for fans of All of Us Villains meets Kingdom of the Wicked.

Bly won the Revenant Games, but she lost everything else.

In her desperation to resurrect her sister, Bly betrayed Kerrigan, the vampire who she’d planned to sacrifice to the witches before she fell in love with him—only to find out that Elise was never dead. With nothing left, Bly will do whatever it takes to locate her sister.

Her only lead on Elise lies with Kerrigan’s brother, Donovan, who she turned over to the witches in place of Kerrigan. She spends her nights tracking down witch prisons to rescue him. Meanwhile, Kerrigan is also searching for Donovan, but after Bly’s treachery, he refuses her help.

But when the vampire queens accuse the two of them of treason, they’re only offered one escape from execution: retrieving a mystical root that only grows on the banks of the Hallow Pool, where legend says that vampires and witches were created. Now Kerrigan and Bly must find a way to work together if they want to keep their lives and save their siblings.

But they’re not the only ones hunting in the forest, and as their feelings for each other rekindle, they risk being torn apart once more.

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