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We Grant You a Merry Christmas (or, We Wish You a Merry Grantmas)

A new story set in the world of Save the Date! It’s Christmas of Charlie Grant’s sophomore year in college. And even though the Grants are no longer in their old house, Charlie is feeling the pressure to have the perfect holiday. All her siblings are coming back. Will they be able to re-create their Christmas traditions? Will it even feel like Christmas at all? And why is everyone suddenly sold out of Sir Harry’s Happy Christmas Gingerbread?! In the midst of all of this, Charlie has a decision to make about her future. She’s hoping for a quiet, peaceful holiday so she can sort things through. But HAHAHAHA these are the Grants! This Christmas is going to be anything but a silent night. Between unreliable vans, missing Santas, stolen cars, a greenhouse heist, and far too much time spent on the New Jersey Turnpike, Christmas is threatening to turn into an utter disaster. Will Charlie manage to turn things around before Christmas morning?

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