The holidays are the perfect time to snuggle up with a comfort read! Take this quiz and find out which of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters series you should read (or re-read!) this holiday season.

Have you read Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Gold, Chain of Iron, and Chain of Thorns one time or one thousand times? Take this quiz to see how well you remember your favorite characters from the Last Hours series!

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There are SO MANY good lines in the Last Hours series said by some of our favorite characters. But how well do you remember who said each quote? Test your knowledge of Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Gold, Chain of Iron, and Chain of Thorns with this quiz.



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Is it possible to love the characters from Cassandra Clare’s Last Hours series in Chain of Gold, Chain of Iron, and Chain of Thorns more than you already do? Probably not! But which of these characters from The Last Hours series would be your soul mate? Take the quiz to find out!

Who Is Your Last Hours Soul Mate?

Now find out who your Last Hours parabatai is!

If you’re like me, you could not be more ready for Chain of Thorns to come out January 31! But before we read the final book in Cassandra Clare’s Last Hours series, we need to remember what happened to all our favorite characters in Chain of Iron.

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The Chain of Iron Character Recap You Need Before Reading Chain of Thorns

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD for Chain of Iron!

1. James Herondale

Ah James, our favorite dark-haired, beautiful and broody Londoner. We reunite with James on the eve of his bachelor party as he prepares to enter into a (fake) marriage with Cordelia, since he’s still desperately in love with Grace (or so he thinks, because he’s STILL wearing that bracelet nobody likes). Even though their marriage is “fake,” James and Cordelia OBVIOUSLY have very real feelings for each other, and have some *moments* now that they’re living together in a house that James designed perfectly with the two of them in mind. Swoon!

Although the newlyweds are enjoying their time together, all is not well. Though Belial was wounded by Cortana and James doesn’t disappear into the shadow realm often, he is still troubled by nightmares, and finds himself experiencing a string of Shadowhunters’ murders through the killer’s eyes. When he begins to awaken freezing cold with his window wide open, James fears that Belial is somehow using him to commit these murders, but he is thankfully proven innocent.

Though James is not the killer, all clues do point to Belial being connected to these murders, and the connection is proven when James ventures into the shadow realm with who he *thinks* is Magnus Bane (spoiler alert: it’s actually Lilith in disguise!) to get answers. We learn that although Belial still wants to use James’s body to wreak havoc on the world, he now has an alternate plan: to possess Jesse’s body and give it strength by stealing runes from the murdered Shadowhunters! Belial then summons his brother, Leviathan, to destroy the London Institute and the Shadowhunters themselves, but his plans are thankfully thwarted once again thanks to James, Cordelia, and Lucie.

2. Cordelia Carstairs

Cordelia experiences a LOT of change in Chain of Iron. She starts it by getting married, moves out of her family’s home and into her new home with James, and ends up losing her father (one of the Shadowhunters murdered by Belial), but the biggest change for Cordelia by far is becoming a paladin. While she initially thinks that she has sworn herself as the champion of a legendary hero, Wayland the Smith, the person who she thinks was Wayland was actually Lilith, a greater demon known as the “mother of all warlocks.”

This creates a crisis of identity for Cordelia (and honestly, who could blame her) because she (and Cortana) are now sworn to do the bidding of an evil being, and not a hero as she first thought. She is horrified at the prospect of putting all of her friends and loved ones in danger, because she could be called upon by Lilith at any time. Still, with James by her side as her best friend and husband, Cordelia could face these challenges, but after one MAJOR misunderstanding (and an unfortunately timed appearance from Grace) she runs off to Paris with Matthew to escape.

3. Matthew Fairchild

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. Where do we even begin. If he was drinking about 60% of the time in Chain of Gold, that percentage is now up to 90%, but he’s still beautiful and charming 110% of the time. He finally reveals a major secret that seems to be the root of many of his problems, telling Cordelia that he has never forgiven himself for accidentally poisoning his mother with what he thought was a truth serum when he was a child, causing her to have a miscarriage.

While he does confess to Cordelia and grows closer with her, he refuses to share this weight with anyone else, and continues to rely on his self-destructive tendencies, distancing himself from James and his family. When Cordelia runs to him after seeing James and Grace together (it’s all a big misunderstanding, okay?!) Matthew confesses his love (OMG)! We can’t wait to see how this all plays out in Chain of Thorns!

4. Lucie Herondale

As we head into book two of the Last Hours series, Lucie is thrilled to be preparing to become Cordelia’s parabatai, and is still writing The Beautiful Cordelia, but she also has MUCH bigger things on her mind, like a fragile alliance with Grace and a goal of bringing Jesse Blackthorn back to life. Lucie has been spending all of her nights chatting with Jesse’s ghost and has fallen in love with him, but knows it can never work unless he is restored to his body.

Things take a turn when we discover that Belial has been using Jesse’s body to murder London’s Shadowhunters and preparing it as a vessel for him to possess. He succeeds, and Jesse/Belial is almost destroyed by Cortana, but Lucie steps in to save Jesse’s body. She has discovered that she has the power to command ghosts and in an effort to save Jesse from Belial, she commands Jesse to cast Belial out of his body. It works, and the day is saved (for now)! But what’s next for Jesse and Lucie?

5. Anna Lightwood

Anna is still the coolest, most fashionable and unflappable person you’ll ever meet, and throws many a party in Chain of Iron. She and Ariadne’s relationship is still troubled, but they have an arrangement that involves lots of visits to the Whispering Room. Ariadne is still very much in love with Anna, but Anna is reluctant to have her heart broken and doesn’t want to let her get too close, and they end the book with their relationship in a bad place.

6. Christopher Lightwood

Christopher still spends much of his time in his godfather Henry’s laboratory working on experiments and inventions, and creates a new weapon (a runed gun) that James is able to use to fight Belial and Lilith! He is tricked by an Eidolon demon into giving up a vital piece of equipment to Belial, but as always, the Merry Thieves band together and save the day. All’s well that ends (mostly) well!

7. Jesse Blackthorn

After giving his last breath to save James in Chain of Gold Jesse’s strength continues to fade, but Grace and Lucie continue to watch over him and work to find a solution (through both legal and illegal means) to restore him to his body, with little success. Unbeknownst to him, Belial is using his body to murder and steal runes from Shadowhunters to complete a scheme years in the making, finally brought to fruition thanks to Belial’s scheming and Tatiana’s bad decisions. After spending so much time talking with Lucie, Jesse has fallen in love with her, and they end the book with a (semi)happy ending when Lucie commands him to live, and he does, but what comes next for these two?

8 & 9. Thomas Lightwood & Alastair Carstairs

Thomas and Alastair start off Chain of Iron on strained terms, with Thomas going on solo patrols to try to catch the murderer hunting Shadowhunters and Alastair dealing with the fallout of his father’s return from the Shadowhunter version of rehab. But when Thomas is arrested as a suspect when he’s found at the scene of one of the murders, Alastair comes to his defense with evidence that he couldn’t have committed them, because Alastair was following Thomas to keep him safe!

The two are locked in the Institute together as they await further questioning and have a heart to heart, and discover that they have feelings for each other (AWW), but all doesn’t end well, and Alastair ends the book by keeping Thomas at arms length, saying that things will never work between them.

10. Grace Blackthorn

Where do we even BEGIN with Grace. Now that James is marrying Cordelia, Grace has promised to stay away from him (and she should have enough to worry about as she’s trying to find a way to bring Jesse back to life), but somehow… she still turns up at the WORST times and confuses both James and Cordelia. She continues to hold control over James until the bracelet she gave him finally breaks, and she confesses everything she’s done to him, but somehow things with Cordelia are still ruined in the process.

Even though she’s lost control of James, she’s still ending the book on a good note now that Jesse has been revived… right? WRONG. Her mother, Tatiana, commands her to use her control over men to make Jesse (her own brother?! okay, not by blood relation, but STILL) believe he loves her, and not Lucie. Will she go through with this plot in Chain of Thorns? 

Now that you’ve read the recap, take a quiz to see which of these characters you are!

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Art in header image by Cassandra Jean. Character cards by Novarentale, except Grace and Jesse character art by Charlie Bowater.

Are you *obsessed* with every single character in Cassandra Clare’s Last Hours series? Same! We fell in love with Chain of Gold, suffered together in Chain of Iron, and now we can’t wait to find out what happens in Chain of Thorns!

But which character are you most like? Take the quiz to find out if you’re a James, Matthew, Lucie, Cordelia, or perhaps someone you didn’t expect!

Which Last Hours Character Are You?

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Let’s be honest- you’re obsessed with the characters from Cassandra Clare’s Last Hours series in Chain of Gold and Chain of Iron and you can’t wait to read Chain of Thorns. You love the Merry Thieves and Cordelia and Lucie and of course, seeing faves Will, Jem, and Tessa from the Infernal Devices again! But which of these characters would be your parabatai? Take the quiz to find out!

Who Is Your Last Hours Parabatai?

Now find out which Last Hours character you are!

You want to read all of the Cassandra Clare books in order but you don’t know where to start. Worry not, future obsessed Shadowhunters fan. We are here for you. There are many ways you could read (or reread!) the Cassandra Clare books in order, and we’re going to give you all the options.

The first and best option is to read the Cassandra Clare books in this order (based on the order she suggests, updated by us):

  1. The Mortal Instruments, Part One
    1. City of Bones
    2. City of Ashes
    3. City of Glass
  2. The Eldest Curses, Part One
    1. The Red Scrolls of Magic 
  3. The Infernal Devices
    1. Clockwork Angel
    2. Clockwork Prince
    3. Clockwork Princess
  4. The Mortal Instruments, Part Two
    1. City of Fallen Angels
    2. City of Lost Souls
    3. City of Heavenly Fire
  5. The Bane Chronicles
  6. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
  7. The Eldest Curses, Part Two
    1. The Lost Book of the White
  8. The Dark Artifices
    1. Lady Midnight
    2. Lord of Shadows
    3. Queen of Air and Darkness
  9. Ghosts of the Shadow Market
  10. The Last Hours
    1. Chain of Gold
    2. Chain of Iron
    3. Chain of Thorns
  11. The Shadowhunter’s Codex

The second method is to read the Cassandra Clare books in order of each series. You can start at book #1 of any of these series (but this order is recommended):

  1. The Mortal Instruments
    1. City of Bones
    2. City of Ashes
    3. City of Glass
    4. City of Fallen Angels
    5. City of Lost Souls
    6. City of Heavenly Fire
  2. The Eldest Curses
    1. The Red Scrolls of Magic
    2. The Lost Book of the White
  3. The Infernal Devices
    1. Clockwork Angel
    2. Clockwork Prince
    3. Clockwork Princess
  4. The Dark Artifices
    1. Lady Midnight
    2. Lord of Shadows
    3. Queen of Air and Darkness
  5. The Last Hours
    1. Chain of Gold
    2. Chain of Iron
    3. Chain of Thorns
  6. Books not part of a series:
    1. The Bane Chronicles
    2. The Shadowhunter’s Codex
    3. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
    4. Ghosts of the Shadow Market

The third option, for the traditionalists among you, is to read the Cassandra Clare books in order of how they were published:

  1. City of Bones
  2. City of Ashes
  3. City of Glass
  4. Clockwork Angel
  5. City of Fallen Angels
  6. Clockwork Prince
  7. City of Lost Souls
  8. Clockwork Princess
  9. The Shadowhunter’s Codex
  10. City of Heavenly Fire
  11. The Bane Chronicles
  12. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
  13. Lady Midnight
  14. Lord of Shadows
  15. Queen of Air and Darkness
  16. The Red Scrolls of Magic
  17. Ghosts of the Shadow Market
  18. Chain of Gold
  19. The Lost Book of the White
  20. Chain of Iron
  21. Chain of Thorns


The fourth option is to read the Cassandra Clare books in chronological order, based on the events in each book. You can find all the dates in this interactive timeline!

  1. Clockwork Angel
  2. Clockwork Prince
  3. Clockwork Princess
  4. Chain of Gold
  5. Chain of Iron
  6. Chain of Thorns
  7. City of Bones
  8. City of Ashes
  9. City of Glass
  10. The Red Scrolls of Magic
  11. City of Fallen Angels
  12. City of Lost Souls
  13. City of Heavenly Fire
  14. The Lost Book of the White
  15. Lady Midnight
  16. Lord of Shadows
  17. Queen of Air and Darkness

Still intimidated by what reading order to choose? Watch the video recap!



Our favorite characters from the Shadowhunters series are almost always getting themselves into some kind of trouble. Even though they make us a little stressed, the rescues we get out of their shenanigans keep us on the edge of our seats! Did your fave rescue moment from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters books make this list? Beware: spoilers ahead!

Top 10 Greatest Shadowhunters Rescues 

10. Simon saves everyone from a Greater Demon – City of Bones

Blinking away the fiery afterimage, [Clary] saw Simon standing in the open doorway. Simon. She had forgotten he was outside, had almost forgotten he existed.

He saw her, crouched on the stairs, and his gaze moved past her and over Abbadon and Jace. He reached back over his shoulder. He was holding Alec’s bow, she realized, and the quiver was strapped across his back. He drew an arrow from it, fitted it to the string, and lifted the bow expertly, as if he’d done the same thing a hundred times before.

The arrow sprang free. It made a hot buzzing sound, like a huge bumblebee, as it shot over Abbadon’s head, plunged toward the roof—

And shattered the skylight. Dirty black glass fell like rain, and through the broken pane streamed sunlight, quantities of sunlight, great golden bars of it stabbing downward and flooding the foyer with light.

Abbadon screamed and staggered back…


9. Jace, Clary, and the team rescue Simon and Maia from Valentine – City of Ashes

Jace reached out to close Simon’s staring eyes. If Clary had to see him dead, better she not see him like this.

Simon moved. His eyelids twitched and opened, his eyes rolled back to the whites.

Nausea rose in the back of Jace’s throat, his hand tightening on Simon’s collar. He wasn’t dead. But God, the pain, it must be incredible. He couldn’t heal, couldn’t regenerate, not without—

Not without blood. Jace let go of Simon’s shirt and dragged his right sleeve up with his teeth. Using the jagged tip of the broken strut, he slashed a deep cut lengthwise down his wrist.

He looked down at Simon, who hadn’t moved. The blood was running down Jace’s hand now, his wrist stinging. He held it out over Simon’s face, letting the blood drip down his fingers, spill onto Simon’s mouth.

He leaned down, pressed his bleeding wrist against Simon’s mouth.

“Drink my blood, idiot,” he whispered. “Drink it.”


8. Jem Rescues Church from Mrs. Dark – Clockwork Angel

“There’s a cat,” [Jem] said in a low whisper, pointing. “In one of those cages over there.”

Will glanced where his friend pointed. Indeed, a bristling gray cat was huddled in one of the locked animal cages along the wall. “And?”

“It’s still alive.”

“It’s a cat, James. We have bigger things to worry about—”

But Jem was already walking away. He reached the animal’s cage and scooped it up, holding the cage at eye level. The cat looked to be a gray Persian, with a squashed-in face and yellow eyes that regarded Jem malevolently.


7. Julian and team rescue Tavvy from Malcolm – Lady Midnight

[Julian] had lived by ironclad rules for so long. Protect Tavvy, protect Livvy and Ty, protect Dru. Protect Emma. Recently that had widened out slightly—he would protect Mark, because Mark had come back, and he would protect Cristina, because Emma loved her.

It was a sort of love few other people could understand. It was total and it was overwhelming and it could be cruel. He would destroy a whole city if he thought that city posed some threat to his family.


6. Lucie (and a bunch of ghosts) rescue Cordelia from the Thames – Chain of Gold

Ghosts rose up on either side of him, a veritable army of the drowned and dead. In the center of them all, the ghost prisoner held Cordelia, her body limp, her bright hair soaked and streaming down over her shoulders. Her gear was dark with river water, all of it sluicing off her as the ghosts carried her inexorably forward to the riverbank and laid her down.

“Thank you,” Lucie whispered.

The ghost prisoner straightened up. For a long moment, all the ghosts simply stared at Lucie, their eyes empty hollows of darkness. Then they vanished.


5. Will attempts to rescue Tessa from Mortmain (and fails) – Clockwork Princess

“Will,” Tessa said again, interrupting his thoughts. She sounded almost breathless. “Will,

you idiot.”

His romantic notions came to a screeching halt like a hackney cab in traffic on Fleet Street. “I— What?”

“Oh, Will,” she said. Her lips were trembling; she looked as if she couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. “Do you remember when you told me that the handsome young gentleman who came to rescue you was never wrong, not even if he said the sky was purple and made of hedgehogs?”

“The first time I ever saw you. Yes.”

“Oh, my Will.” She drew gently away from his embrace, smoothing a tangled lock of hair behind her ear. Her eyes remained fixed on his. “I cannot imagine how you came to find me, how difficult it must have been. It is incredible. But—do you really think Mortmain would leave me unguarded in a room with an open door?” She turned away and moved a few feet forward, then stopped abruptly. “Here,” she said, and raised her hand, spreading her fingers wide. “The air is as solid as a wall here. This is a prison, Will, and now you are in it alongside me.”


4. Clary rescues Jace from Sebastian’s demonic bond – City of Lost Souls

“Give me the sword.” His hand was out, his chin raised, his tone imperious. “Give it to me, Clary.”

“You want it?”

She raised Glorious, the way he had taught her to, balanc­ing the weight of it, though it felt heavy in her hand. The flame in it grew brighter, until it seemed to reach upward and touch the stars. Jace was only the sword’s length away from her, his golden eyes incredulous. Even now he couldn’t believe she might hurt him, really hurt him. Even now.

She took a deep breath. “Take it.”

She saw his eyes blaze up the way they had that day by the lake, and then she drove the sword into him, just as Valentine had done. She understood now that this was the way it had to be. He had died like this, and she had ripped him back from death. And now it had come again.

You cannot cheat death. In the end it will have its own.


3. Tessa saves everyone from Mortmain – Clockwork Princess

As Armaros raised her with his hands, [Tessa] closed her eyes, reaching out with her mind, reaching into the clockwork angel. She tumbled for a moment through dark space, and then a gray limbo, seeking that light, that spark of spirit, that life—

And there it was, a sudden blaze, a bonfire, brighter than any spark she had ever seen before. She reached for it, wrapping it about herself, coils of white fire that burned and scorched her skin. She screamed aloud—

And Changed.


2. Alec and the team rescue Magnus from Sebastian in Edom – City of Heavenly Fire

Magnus reached for Alec, but instead of rising to his feet, he pulled Alec against him, his hand sliding up Alec’s back to knot in his hair. Magnus pulled Alec down and against him, and kissed him, hard and awkward and determined, and Alec froze for a moment and then abandoned himself to it, to kissing Magnus, something he’d thought he’d never get to do again. Alec ran his hands up Magnus’s shoulders to the sides of his neck and cupped his hands there, holding Magnus in place while he kissed him thoroughly breathless.

Finally Magnus drew back; his eyes were shining. He let his head fall onto Alec’s shoulder, arms encircling him, keeping them tightly together. “Alec . . . ,” he began softly.

“Yes?” Alec said, desperate to know what Magnus wanted to ask him.

“Are you being chased?”

“I—ah—some of the Endarkened are looking for us,” Alec said carefully.

“Pity,” Magnus said, closing his eyes again. “It would be nice if you could just lie down with me here. Just . . . for a little while.”


1. Will rescues Tessa from the Dark Sisters – Clockwork Angel

[Tessa] lunged forward, swinging the jug with all her strength— The shadowy figure moved, as quick as a whip, but not quite quick enough; the jug slammed into the figure’s outstretched arm before flying from Tessa’s grasp to crash into the far wall.

 Tessa spun, blinking away the tears in her eyes—and stared.

There was a boy standing in front of her. He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen.

“You cut me,” he said. “It might be fatal.”


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What’s not to love about a book that makes you laugh? When we’re not binging sitcoms online or re-watching our favorite rom coms, you can find us with our nose in a book full of good hearted humor.

Whether it’s the relatable awkward years a main character has to suffer through, or the funny antics of a hopeless romantic, the right book can have you giggling your way through its pages. Check out these hilarious reads if you’re looking for a book to lift your spirits!

19 Books That Will Make You Laugh

1. Kind of Sort of Fine by Spencer Hall

Senior year changes everything for two teens in this poignant, funny coming-of-age story that looks at what happens when the image everyone has of us no longer matches who we really are.

2. Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch

This book I guarantee will make you laugh. The family dynamics in this book will definitely put a smile on your face as Addie road trips across Ireland in a run-down car with her brother and his very cute Irish friend.


3. Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens by Tanya Boteju

Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens is about a girl named Nima, who’s a little bit awkward and working through family issues. But when she finds herself immersed in the drag scene, filled with macho kings and magical queens, she learns how to confidently express herself and accept the love that surrounds her.


4. Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

Dating tends to be pretty awkward. In the case of Penny and Sam, their initial funny-because-it’s-weird meeting was a total disaster. Then they started texting. Through their messages, we watch as they become more and more enamored with one another – all without having to get together in person and risk the uncomfortable real date.


5. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Come for the thrilling, action-filled fantasy, stay for the hilariously witty and snarky characters. This addicting series is packed with humor, whether it’s Jace’s over-confident gloating, Clary knocking him down a few pegs for it, or just the general sarcasm laced throughout the story, you’ll be chuckling as you race through City of Bones.


6. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

When Lara Jean’s secret love letters are somehow SENT OUT to the five boys she once pined for, she’s left with an incredibly awkward situation on her hands. Her quirky humor, hilarious situation, and funny group of crushes and sisters make for a delightful read that will have you reaching for the next book in the series ASAP! (Spoiler alert: it’s great, too. And so is the third one.)


7. Noggin by John Corey Whaley

A 16 year old boy dies, and his head is placed into a freezer, where it stays for 5 years until medical science advances and he is brought back to life–this time with a brand new body! Hilarity ensues. When Travis wakes up with his head on someone else’s body he feels like no time has passed at all. But he comes to find that not only have his friends and girlfriend moved on in their lives, but he’s still in high school, and he doesn’t exactly blend in with the other kids. Completely unique and funny, this is a book you don’t want to miss.


8. Social Intercourse by Greg Howard

When Beck’s dad starts dating Jax’s mom, the two get together to try and break them up. Call it a reverse Parent Trap. The only problem is that Beck, a gay choir nerd living his best life, and Jax, the star football player and former bully, are polar opposites and don’t quite see eye to eye. Not at first, anyway. ? The characters are all hilarious, especially Beck’s BFF Shelby, and the setting of a small conservative southern town makes everything all the more interesting.


9. Winger by Andrew Smith

As the youngest junior in his high school, Ryan Dean West gets teased a lot. His narration of every day high school struggles is so spot-on, and Ryan Dean’s voice throughout the book is deeply relatable. Whether it’s the rich kids at his school, his rugby team, or the girls he is crushing on, Ryan Dean has an acutely humorous observation. Top it off with hand-draw illustrations and a heartbreaking finale, and Winger makes for a book you won’t soon forget.


10. From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

If you read When Dimple Met Rishi, then you know author Sandhya Menon has perfected the charming romcom full of funny meet cutes and LOL moments. Her next book is no different; the main character, an aspiring filmmaker named Twinkle, bringing plenty of adorably awkward encounters to the page–because even though Twinkle has a huge crush on Neil Roy, she finds herself falling in love with his twin brother, Sahil, who asked her to direct a movie with him for the upcoming Summer Festival.


11. Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

If you love to laugh while reading (who doesn’t?) then Jenn Bennett’s books are a must-have. In Starry Eyes, budding astronomer Zorie heads out on a camping trip with some friends and the boy who broke her heart, Lennon. The two end up alone in the wilderness together, traipsing through the forest and their rocky past as they travel to safety. Their witty banter, steamy rekindled romance, and hilarious adventures make for one funny read.


12. American Panda by Gloria Chao

When seventeen-year-old Mei makes her way to MIT, her parents assume she’s all set to follow their prescribed path to success. But Mei’s got her own ideas of what she wants to with her life–and who she wants to love (a.k.a. not the boy they’ve picked out for her). Between the funny voicemails her mom leaves her and Mei’s humorous encounters with her college-aged peers, American Panda is charming and hilarious from start to finish.


13. The Year of Living Awkwardly by Emma Chastain

It’s Chloe Snow’s sophomore year of high school, and things have definitely not gotten easier. Between her fumbling audition for the school musical, her parent’s messy divorce, and her scattered love life, Chloe is having a hilariously troubling time trying to make it to the end of the year. Through her diary, Chloe documents all of the funny ups and downs of her charming, awkward life.


14. Save the Date by Morgan Matson

When Charlie’s sister decided to get married at their family home, nobody anticipated how much could go wrong. Luckily Charlie is there to try and hold it all together, even when basically EVERYTHING falls apart. Each new disaster is a hilarious scenario for Charlie, her siblings, and the new wedding planner’s cute assistant to figure out. Filled with plenty of family drama and a whole cast of lovable characters, Morgan Matson’s new book will have you laughing along at each new twist of this funny story.


15. Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith

Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith

Told with Andrew Smith’s signature dark humor, Rabbit & Robot tells the story of Cager Messer, a boy who’s stranded on the Tennessee—his father’s lunar-cruise utopia—with insane robots.


16. Exile from Eden by Andrew Smith

The sequel to grasshopper jungle, Exile from Eden is a hilarious and beautifully bizarre book that takes place sixteen years after an army of six-foot-tall praying mantises took over the world.


17. The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor by Shaenon Garrity

Nimona meets Paper Girls with a literary twist in this wickedly funny graphic novel about a teenager who is swept up in a strange new universe and must save it from an all-consuming evil in order to return home.


18. Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson

From the New York Times bestselling author of Sorcery of Thorns and An Enchantment of Ravens comes a thrilling new YA fantasy about a teen girl with mythic abilities who must defend her world against restless spirits of the dead.


19. So This Is Ever After by F.T. Lukens

Carry On meets Arthurian legend in this funny, subversive young adult fantasy about what happens after the chosen one wins the kingdom and has to get married to keep it…and to stay alive.

Looking for a good cry instead? Here’s our list of books that will make you sob (in a good way).

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