Here’s the thing about us book lovers: we love stories. And what’s better than a story? The story behind that story. So when Sandhya Menon posted a Twitter thread with 37 fun facts about her new book From Twinkle With Love (out May 22), we were here for it. These are our faves from the bunch, but check out all 37 on Sandhya’s Twitter channel.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About From Twinkle With Love That We Learned from Sandhya Menon’s Twitter

We’re so glad Sandhya changed her mind – we can’t imagine Twinkle by any other name!


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Same same.


The hard emotional work was worth it – there are definitely moments when From Twinkle With Love gets you right in the gut.


Representation. Matters.


Nobody’s perfect, and fictional characters shouldn’t be, either.


Awesome title, but we <3 From Twinkle With Love even more!


Female friendship stories are where it’s at.


This is our favorite. Thank you, Sandhya Menon, for giving us Twinkle–her voice, her ambition, her heart. We can’t wait for everyone to read From Twinkle With Love in May!

There’s more where that came from! Read Sandhya’s entire 37-fact thread over on her Twitter channel.

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