It’s one of our favorite times of the year! YALLFest is almost here! Here’s a comprehensive schedule of all our Riveted by Simon Teen activity this year. Get your calendars ready because there’s something happening every hour on Saturday! Don’t forget to follow us @SimonTeen and the hashtag #getriveted on Twitter and in our Instagram Stories for up-to-the minute news and content from our authors at YALLFest. See y’all soon!

Everything Happening With Riveted by Simon Teen @ YALLFest 2018

Saturday, November 10th

All day long at the Riveted Booth!


  • Jenn Bennett book giveaway (Riveted Booth)
  • Mary H. K. Choi signing (Blue Bicycle Books)
  • Opening Keynote: Jenny Han & Morgan Matson (Music Hall | 37 John St)


  • This Lie Will Kill You ARC giveaway (Riveted Booth)
  • Neal Shusterman signing (Blue Bicycle Books tent)
  • Palaces from Paragraphs Panel with Lisa Maxwell (Ballroom)
  • Morgan Matson signing (Train Museum)
  • Siobhan Vivian signing (Blue Bicycle Books)


  • Read it Before You See It: Light as a Feather giveaway (Riveted Booth)
  • Fans and Fandom panel with Jenny Han (Music Hall)
  • Magnus Bane raffle winner announced (Riveted Booth)


  • Read it Before You See It: Five Feet Apart giveaway (Riveted Booth)
  • Hits You in the Feels: Writing Emotions panel with Neal Shusterman and Deb Caletti (Cinema)
  • Second Love panel with Jessica Brody (Museum)
  • Sorry Not Sorry: Prickly Protags panel with Mary H. K. Choi (Ballroom)
  • Lisa Maxwell signing (Museum lobby)


  • Barely Missing Everything ARC giveaway (Riveted Booth)
  • Jenny Han signing (Train Museum)
  • A Really Frank Discussion of Death and Murder panel with Neal Shusterman (Museum)
  • Blood Is Thicker than Water panel with Deb Caletti and moderator Morgan Matson (Museum)
  • Jessica Brody signing (Blue Bicycle Books courtyard)


  • Read it Before You See It: Tweak giveaway (Riveted Booth)


  • Deb Caletti signing (Train Museum)
  • Friendmance panel with Mary H. K. Choi and moderator Siobhan Vivian (Museum)
  • Shadowhunter Army Recruitment event (Charleston Museum Courtyard) *ticketed- stop by the Riveted Booth to get a wristband and you’ll get a Shadowhunter tote, pin, poster, and Queen of Air and Darkness sampler at the event!


  • Read it Before You See It: Hush, Hush giveaway (Riveted Booth)


  • Pitter Patter: Writing Fresh Love Stories panel with Siobhan Vivian and Jessica Brody (Ballroom)
  • Magnus Bane raffle winner announced (Riveted Booth)


  • Secrets and the Ones Who Keep Them panel with Lisa Maxwell (Cinema)
  • Closing Keynote with Neal Shusterman (Music Hall | 37 John St)

And don’t forget to come say hi to us at the booth all day!