Jem Carstairs is without a doubt one of our favorite characters in the Shadowhunters universe. From his tragically romantic persona in the infernal devices to his time as a silent brother to sacrificing his immortality for the woman he loves, Jem is a dream guy.

With the Carstairs family showing up more and more in the Shadowhunter world, and now featured in every story in Ghosts of the Shadow Market, we’ve been spending a lot of time reminiscing on all there is to love about the best Carstairs (imo). Here is some of our favorite Jem Carstairs fan art, enjoy!

Our Favorite Fan Art of Jem Carstairs From the Shadowhunters Books

We’ll start with The Infernal Devices Jem:

There isn’t too much Brother Zachariah fan art out there, but here are a couple of good ones:

Some modern Jem fan art to feed your soul:

And finally, some miscellaneous fan art of Jem that we just LOVE:

We hope there’s even more fan art after everyone reads Ghosts of the Shadow Market!