Scythe and Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman introduce us to a world entirely different from the one we know.  A chilling world without hunger, disease, war, or misery, but seeping with death and the conflicting morality that comes with being “in charge” of taking the lives of those around you, for the “greater good,” of the community.

When I am thrown into an exciting new world like the world in the Scythe and Thunderhead, I love looking at fan art to immerse myself in the fictional world, and truly feel as if I know this strange and exhilarating world. Now that The Toll is officially out, I’ve found myself looking at more and more fan art from this epic trilogy. Check out a few of my favorite fan art images below from some extremely talented fans on Instagram!


Our Favorite Fan Art from Neal Shusterman’s Arc of a Scythe Series

We love this simple drawing that makes such a statement.

Wow. This is just incredible.


We just love this drawing of Citra and Rowan together!

This drawing is sleek and dangerous. We love it.

The art and props in this photo are spot-on!


We can’t get enough of this amazing portrait of Citra!

We are obsessed with everything in this photo!

Love seeing all the characters come to life!