The first time we met Dimple and Rishi we completely fell in love with them. When the book was over, we needed to know what happened next!

Luckily, Sandhya Menon blessed us with a short story sequel, As Kismet Would Have It, and we all got to read about what happened after the last page of When Dimple Met Rishi.  We also met Sweetie from There’s Something about Sweetie before the book came out! Now, I’m happy to say, there will be ANOTHER short story about Dimple and Rishi!

There’s a New Short Story Exclusive from the When Dimple Met Rishi Universe!

Sandhya Menon announced the brand new e-novella cover and title!


Let’s quickly stop and look at this AMAZING cover!

Also that title hints to an enemies-to-lovers romance, which is definitely a personal fave and made me (and hopefully you) more excited than ever to read 10 Things I Hate about Pinky.


Mark your calendars! Love at First Fight will be available to read FOR FREE on starting June 1!


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I am SO thrilled to announce a brand new e-novella in the Dimpleverse, called Love at First Fight! This story features ALL the characters from the Dimpleverse–Dimple, Rishi, Ashish, Sweetie, and the newest duo, Pinky and Samir! ??? * Love at First Fight follows our Atherton gang as they navigate an escape room on Valentine’s day! Naturally, much bickering, arguing, flirting, and hijinks ensue. I had *so much* fun writing the whole gang together again and I hope you guys love it, too! ??? * The graphic has more info on how to read (register at to read for free beginning June 1st or you can buy for your e-readers starting on June 30th for $0.99–available for preorder now)! ??? * Here are a couple of other things to know: 1. You can safely read this before 10 Things I Hate about Pinky; there are no spoilers here! 2. If you’re new to the Dimpleverse, here’s the suggested reading order for the novels and e-novellas: When Dimple Met Rishi, There’s Something about Sweetie, As Kismet Would Have It (e-novella), Love at First Fight (e-novella), and 10 Things I Hate about Pinky. Happy reading! ??? * Cover by the always fabulous @sarah.creech! ??? * #bookstagram #booknerd #read #readersofinstagram #yabooks #yalit #sandhyamenon #Dimpleverse

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If you read Sandhya Menon’s caption, not only do we get to read about Dimple and Rishi again, but Sweetie and Ashish are back AND you’ll be able to read about how Pinky and Samir first met!

You will also be able to purchase the e-novella starting June 30th.


So what are you waiting for! Add 10 Things I Hate about Pinky to your TBR right now and if you haven’t already read As Kismet Would Have It, you can read it RIGHT NOW for free on