There are certain parts of high school that we all miss: sharing a Look with your friends while passing each other in the hallway, the collective sigh of relief when your teacher forgets to collect last night’s homework assignment, and, of course, prom. So whether you want to relive your prom moments, or experience an in-person prom rather than a virtual one, it’s time to dress in your best threads and read these books!

6 Amazing Books That Feature Prom

1. The Sky Blues by Robbie Couch

If there’s anything more exciting than prom itself, it’s the weeks leading up to it with all the promposals. Gone are the days of simply asking someone to be your date, and Sky Baker has big plans for the perfect promposal to his crush. But his plans are leaked by an anonymous hacker in a deeply homophobic e-blast that quickly goes viral. The Sky Blues is witty and heartfelt, plus you’ll be rooting for Sky and his classmates as they try to expose who sent the e-blast.


2. Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

Things seem to be going swell for Lara Jean in her senior year. She has her friends, the perfect boyfriend, even her dad has found romance again. And if there’s one night Lara Jean has imagined over and over again, it’s prom! But Lara Jean and Peter K find out that no matter how much you plan, life still has its surprises, especially when it comes to college acceptances. Will their magical night be ruined by the uncertain future or will our OTP work through it and be crowned Prom King and Queen? Also, if you haven’t already, check out the movie To All the Boys: Always and Forever, streaming on Netflix now!


3. Promposal by Rhonda Helms

Sure, promposals sound romantic, but what happens when you’re cornered and have to say yes? That’s what happens to Camilla in Promposal. When an annoying, casual acquaintance asks her to prom in front of a freaking news crew, not only is she stuck with this lame date, but now her secret crush, Benjamin, will never get the change to surprise her with a promposal. But then Camilla and Benjamin get paired together for a school project and if Camilla didn’t know any better, the sparks are starting to fly.

Equally miserable, Joshua gets to help his best friend, Ethan, (who he’s been secretly in love with since forever) propose to the guy of Ethan’s dreams. Can Joshua get Ethan to see that he’s the one he should be going to prom with?


3. Glimpsed by G.F. Miller

What if a fairy godmother had a hand in all the happiness found in a high school? In Glimpsed Charity doesn’t wear a poofy dress or have a magic wand, but she is a fairy godmother who goes around fulfilling students’ deepest desires by seeing glimpses of their perfect futures. But when Noah blames Charity for ruining his perfect prom, she agrees to stop granting wishes and help him win back the girl of his dreams. They quickly become friends and suddenly Charity’s hoping some of her own wishes can come true…ones that involve she and Noah being happy ever after together.


4. Prom Theory by Ann LaBar

Can love be scientifically quantified? Iris Oxtabee sure thinks so. She bets her best friend Seth, that she can get the newly-single popular boy to ask her to prom despite one big problem: Theo Grant has no idea Iris even exists. Iris has two weeks to prove her theory and get Theo to ask her to prom, but is there someone else that holds the answer to her happiness? (Spoiler: yes.)


5. Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

When Liz’s crush, Michael, moves back to town she’s determined to snag him as her prom date, even if that means befriending her annoying neighbor, Wes, to get close to him. But as Liz and Wes scheme to get Liz noticed by Michael so she can have her magical prom moment, she’s shocked to discover that she likes being around Wes. And as they continue to grow closer, she must reexamine everything she thought she knew about love—and rethink her own ideas of what Happily Ever After should look like.


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