While we anxiously await the release of Chain of Thorns, the sequel to Chain of Gold and Chain of Iron, to come out later this month, we NEED more James and Matthew and Lucie and Cordelia and…. (look I have a lot of favorite characters!). To tide us over, we’ve rounded up all the Last Hours flash fiction that Cassandra Clare has revealed in her newsletter, plus two bonus scenes from Chain of Iron!

10 Bonus Scenes from Cassandra Clare’s Last Hours Series

1. Lucie and Cordelia, Paris 1897

Lucie shares a secret with Cordelia.

2. Lucie and Ghosts, London 1897

Jessamine teaches Lucie about ghosts.

3. Cirenworth Hall, Devonshire 1898

Alastair returns from school for the holidays.

4. A Lightwood Christmas Carol, London 1898

Will tries to get Gideon in the Christmas spirit.

5. The Anniversary Party, France 1899

Tessa and Will throw a ball for their 19th wedding anniversary. Cordelia and James have an encounter.


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6. The City of Bones, the City of Bones 1900

Matthew and James prepare for their parabatai ceremony.

7. The Devil Tavern, London 1900

James is looking for a place the Merry Thieves can convene and stumbles into the Devil Tavern.

8. July Days Past, London 1901

Christopher is inspired by scientific curiosity.

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