Happy Monday!

With the reads we have lined up for this week, we just KNOW you’re going to discover something you’ll love!

Let’s begin with the extended excerpt of Kyra Leigh’s Reaper, which will be available in bookstores everywhere tomorrow (May 9)! What would you give up if a life hung in the balance? When sixteen-year-old Rosie Wolf dies, she learns that she must reap three souls before she can move on to Paradise. But nothing is ever simple when love, life, and death are involved—especially when they’re intertwined.

Next we’re celebrating the five year anniversaries of three amazing books from three amazing authors! These are books that you may have missed when they were new, but we’ve reread them and guarantee they’re still just as riveting now. Enjoy the full reads of In Honor by Jessi Kirby, Clean by Amy Reed, and Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. In Honor explores loss, friendship, and romance. Clean follows five teens and their self-discovery in rehab. And Second Chance Summer examines the power of family, hope, and heartbreak.

Plus, last week’s reads are still available for one more week! First, there’s the extended excerpt of Jenny Han’s Always & Forever, Lara Jean (the third book in Jenny’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy that surprised everyone when it was announced). Then there’s the extended excerpt of One Cut by Eve Porinchak (the first book in the new Simon True series that follows “Real stories. Real teens. Real crimes.”). Next, there’s the extended excerpt of the delightful Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch (the New York Times bestselling novel about a girl who spends a summer in Italy). Finally there are the full reads of Rebecca Serle’s When You Were Mine (a very creative retelling of Romeo & Juliet) and Anna Davies’ Wrecked (a reimagining of The Little Mermaid)!

Find out more about this week’s reads: