Happy Monday!

It’s the beginning of a new week, which means you’re due for some new reads! We’ll start with the extended excerpt of Draw the Line by Laurent Lin, which will finally be available in paperback tomorrow (May 16)! In Draw the Line, talented artist and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek, Adrian, gets spurred into action when a hate crime occurs in his small town. Though he prefers to stay quiet and concentrate on creating his own world through the Renaissance-art-inspired superhero of his own design, Graphite, Adrian must step out of the shadows and into the real world to decide what kind of person he truly wants to be—no matter the risk. Intriguing right? Take this quiz and find out which character you are from Draw the Line!

Then, we have some great reads by Shaun David Hutchinson. First, there’s the extended excerpt of We Are the Ants in celebration of the release of the paperback, which also releases tomorrow (May 16)! Next, there’s the full read of FML, available both for your enjoyment and so you can remember what an amazing writer Shaun is. The first is the story of Henry Denton, who must decide if the world is worth saving. The second is about a party, a plan, and a kiss that can change everything!

Next, we’re happy to confess that we consider it our duty to get you in a summer-ready mindset. How? With summer-y reads of course! Our two summer reads this week are Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler, and Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton. Summer of Chasing Mermaids follows a talented singer who loses her voice but finds the romance of a lifetime. Fifteenth Summer is about a romance that should last a lifetime but may only get one summer.

Finally, last week’s reads are still available for one more week! Check out the extended excerpt of Reaper by Kyra Leigh, the story about a girl who must reap three souls to get to Paradise. Then take a look at the full reads of In Honor by Jessi Kirby (think: road-trip romance), Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson (think: family, love, and loss), and Clean by Amy Reed (think: rehab, recovery, and self-discovery).

Find out more about this week’s reads: