I know what you’re thinking. “What does she mean AREN’T? As in ARE-NOT? What a psycho…” But you’re wrong. Love triangles, while they are often incredibly frustrating and keep the protagonist from being with who we, as the reader, deem to be the right person for them, are not always the worst. And let’s be honest, we all relish in the drama of a good love triangle. Here are a few great examples of times love triangles weren’t the worst.

Why Love Triangles Aren’t the Worst

1. Sky Without Stars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell

If you’re a fan of Les Miserablés, then you’ll be fan of this out-of-this-world love triangle. Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. When revolution brings you together, the love triangle is bound to be saucy. This revolution brings together three people from very different backgrounds, and the similarities and differences between them blend into a tense romantic situation that you’ll keep turning the pages for.

2.To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Really, this is more of a love six-pointed-star (right?), but let’s just focus on the triangle that started it all. Stating the obvious: Peter K is perfect. He’s the obvious choice, not only because of how well he and Lara Jean fit together, but because of Josh’s history with Lara Jean’s sister Margot. Before you try and argue that I’m not helping my case though, let’s remember how hard it was for Lara Jean when Josh and Margot started dating. She missed her best friend more than anything. This love triangle, while not super healthy and not convincing you to root for both men either, brings Lara Jean a fabulous relationship, and mends her friendship with Josh. It’s a win-win!

Also, just wait until you meet John Ambrose McClaren in P.S. I Still Love You! You’ll be asking yourself why Lara Jean has to choose at all and if she can just have both Peter K and John Ambrose?


3. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

This is the greatest love triangle of all time (imo). It’s one of few in which both guys are just so…you know? It is agonizing to read through the process of both men falling in love with Tessa, and Tessa falling in love with both men. Every time you think you’ve picked Will, Jem does something perfect, and vice versa. There is no good answer for who should win out—until there is. You can’t tell me you’d be against a love triangle where you’re rooting for both men, and both men still get the girl. That’s romantic gold.


4. The Alanna Quartet by Tamora Pierce

Alanna by Tamora Pierce

I have always adored the love triangle from the Lioness quartet and every book I found myself rooting for a different boy. When Alanna is eleven, she disguises herself as a boy in order to train to become a knight. She quickly becomes friends with the the Crowned Prince of the Realm as well as with the King of Thieves. But as she grows older and becomes a young woman, both men discover her secret identity and those friendships turn into something more. The best part about this love triangle is that both men love Alanna because she’s such a strong woman, the best knight they’ve ever met, and more than anything respect her and her choices.


5. What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter

Ok, I’ll admit this one is cheating a bit because it’s not entirely a love triangle, even though it definitely feels like one! Kels is very popular online book blogger, she also happens to be in love with Nash, a boy she met through the online book community. But Kels has a secret: she’s actually Halle, quiet and awkward and nothing like outgoing Kels. So when Halle moves to a new town and meets Nash in real life, things get complicated when she finds out he’s in love with Kels. Even though this love triangle is TECHNICALLY made up of only two people it has all the characteristics of what makes a love triangle so great.


One thing I like almost as much a love triangles, is the classic enemies-to-lovers story and these are some of the best!