Geminis move over, it is Cancer season! Let the sunshine and warm weather usher in the highly imaginative, loyal, and emotional Cancers in your life. Cancers are intuitive, lead with their emotions, and generally just ‘get’ people. It never hurts to have a Cancer in your corner to support you but just remember not to get on their bad side. Emotions go both ways. Embrace being a water sign and let the emotions flow free with these perfect books for all the Cancers out there!

The Perfect Book Recommendations if You’re a Cancer

1. I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit Frick

Who doesn’t love a good suspense novel during summer? Anna Cicconi intended to spend her summer in the Hamptons working as a nanny, finally getting the new beginning she so desperately wanted. Instead she stumbles upon a small town still on edge after one of their own, teen Zoe Spanos, went missing during New Years. Add insult to injury, Anna bares an eerie resemblance to Zoe and the more she investigates Zoe’s disappearance the more she realizes they’re connected. What happened to Zoe won’t stay buried long…Naturally suspicious Cancers will uncover the truth!


2. SLAY by Brittney Morris

If the words ‘tenacious’ and ‘imaginative’ needed to be illustrated in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of Kiera Johnson. She’s the creator of the secret multiplayer online role-playing card game, SLAY. A safe haven for Black gamers, Kierra has created a space for Nubian Kings, Queens, and all those in between to celebrate their Blackness. Until one day the game loses its anonymity as a teen is killed in real life due to a dispute in the game. The media latches onto story and turns up the heat as they dub the game: violent, racist, and exclusionist. Kiera is faced with protecting her identity as the games creator or losing herself and the community she has created. A powerful and raw book, Cancers will love the emotion behind everything Kiera does and appreciate her tenacious nature!


3. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

60 seconds. What can happen in 60 seconds? An elevator can go from the 6th floor to the first. In 60 seconds a young man can decide his future. Jason Reynolds has done it yet again with Long Way Down. Achingly relatable, fast paced, and descriptive, Reynolds paints a detailed picture of being a Black male in the United States and teenage gun violence that will hook the reader until the final page. Cancers prepare yourselves, this book is sure to have your emotions running high.


4. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Cancers are nothing if not fiercely protective of their loved ones. Clockwork Angel calls to the protective nature of Cancers as well as our love of complicated romance. Set in the London, England during the reign of Queen Victoria, readers follow Tessa Gray as she quests to find her missing brother. Things quickly become complicated as Tessa discovers that she is a Downworlder with a rare ability that everyone wants to exploit. Oh and there may be a love triangle between her and two Shadowhunters… What is not to love?


5. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Are you ready? I’m worried you’re not ready. I’m not sure you’re ready for the mind-blowing world building, badass female characters, and jaw dropping twists that are encompassed in Tracy Deonn’s Legendborn! Bree is about to discover the Legendborn, the last descendants of King Arthur and his knights, who have guarded our world from demon hordes for centuries. But sometimes a knight’s shining armor just hides the rot beneath…This book is poetic, heart wrenching, and action-packed. Deonn spins the Arthurian mythology in a way that allows individuals of all walks of life, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds to see themselves reflected. This first book in a trilogy packs an emotional punch Cancers are sure to love!


6. Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

I feel like Cancers are often pigeonholed as being ‘overly emotional’ or ‘sensitive’. As a Cancer, I take back these descriptions, we are simply in tune with our emotions. We can pick up on the emotions in a room a lot faster than others and that’s a strength! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions and feelings right now, I have the book pick-me-up for you! How much can change in 24 hours? Rowan and Neil have been rivals since the start of high school and nothing can change that…or so they thought. A ‘grin until your face hurts’ love to hate romance set over a single day that can be described as a love letter to Seattle. Today Tonight Tomorrow is sure to be a breath of fresh air for any Cancer feeling down in the dumps.


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