As the only half-Shadowhunter, half-Eidolon demon, Tessa Gray is one of the most unique characters in the Shadowhunter world, and her life’s story is just as unique! Which of these iconic Tessa quotes is your favorite? Beware: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read all the books!

Top 10 Tessa Quotes from the Shadowhunter Books

10. “Do not seek revenge and call it justice.”

Clockwork Princess

9. “Do stop flirting with my husband,” said Tessa.

“I shall not,” Magnus declared, “but I will pause briefly so that I may catch up on your news.”

The Midnight Heir,” The Bane Chronicles

8. “I won’t know if I like it until I try it, will I?”

Clockwork Prince

7.  “We see our own souls in the eyes of others.”


6. “Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.”

Clockwork Princess

5. “They say you cannot love two people equally at once…and perhaps for others that is so. But you and Will—you are not like two ordinary people….I could not have loved Will so much if I had not loved you as well. And I could not love you as I do if I had not loved Will as I did.”

Clockwork Princess

4. If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?

Clockwork Angel

3. “So much of managing in society is keeping one’s chin up…and disregarding the ignorant things people say.”

Chain of Iron

2. “It is not easy to be different, and even less so to be unique. But I begin to think I was never meant for an easy road.”

Clockwork Princess

1. “One must always be careful of books…and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

Clockwork Angel

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