Shadowhunters runes are an aesthetic answer to enhance the powers of those who keep the world safe from the supernatural. We think runes would be SO USEFUL in real life and honestly wish they were real (or maybe they are…in which case we wish we had the power to use them). We’ve compiled a list of the nine runes that we think would be the most useful in life, whether or not demon slaying is on your to-do list.

Let us know what you think of our choices!

9 Most Useful Runes (In Our Opinion)

1. Enkeli/Angelic Power

This is one of the first runes the Nephilim receive upon initiation, imbuing them with the power of Angel Raziel. It’s also one of the most powerful runes so…yeah…we could use some of that!


2. Voyance


If you’re ever caught in a dark alley with a disguised Downworlder, this mark helps you see right through the glamours. It also helps if you already have the Sight.


3. Friendship/Parabatai


For when you and your bestie are ready to take things to the next level.


4. Speed


Gotta go fast!—Sonic the Hedgehog


5. Equilibrium


Take solace, left-footed friends! This rune makes it extremely difficult to knock someone off their feet, which comes in handy whether you’re facing a demon or an uneven sidewalk.


6. Fireproof


No more burning yourself while making s’mores!


7. Iratze


It was the second rune that Raziel gifted to the Nephilim, and with good reason. It helps alleviate pain, closes cuts and wounds, and can even help with minor health concerns like headaches!


8. Mnemosyne


This, along with several others, grants the wearer an excellent memory.


9. Speak in Tongues


Not only can the Shadowhunter bearing this rune speak and understand any language, they can communicate with others without demons understanding them.


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