In In a World Just Right, protagonist Jonathan Aubrey has a unique power: the ability to create alternate worlds. The world he escapes to most often is one where he’s a better version of himself—the type of guy that can actually impress his crush Kylie Simms, and get her to date him. While I was reading In a World Just Right (which is currently one of our featured free reads until July 3rd), I found myself particularly taken in by Kylie. Kylie’s a pretty interesting love interest because there’s two versions of her—the real Kylie, who has no clue that Jonathan exists, and the alternate Kylie, who’s attentive and doting. She’s two different characters, and yet at the same time…not. This combination of unusual love interests (because let’s face it, neither Kylie nor Jonathan are normal) got me thinking about other love interests that come with a twist so I’ve rounded up a list! Check it out, and then check out In a World Just Right! And don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!