People say that women are all about the drama, but everyone in the real world knows that the true drama lovers are guys. You can see it clearly in those male love interests. You know, the ones who are sarcastic, dramatic, exasperating, and just over the top—all the things that we love to hate in a hero. They’re the ones that tend to take things a little too far and a little too hard.They could star in their own one-person soap opera! These guys are EXTRA. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s someone who is over the top with excessive, dramatic behavior. Being extra doesn’t make them bad, at all, it just means they could…you know…benefit from learning to dial their reactions and behaviors down a little. But the truth is that even though they could benefit from a chill pill, that doesn’t mean they should take one. In fact, I think their extra makes them significantly more interesting!

What do you think? Take a look at my list of favorite love interests who are a little extra, and tell me if you think their “extra” is part of their charm! Read all about Jonathan and his “extra-ness” (number 1 on this list) in In a World Just Right  in full read until July 3rd!