Summer is by far my favorite season. For me, it means enjoying the sun, spending time by the pool, playing volleyball on the beach, hanging out with friends, and eating lots of dairy-free ice cream (shout out to my fellow lactose-intolerant people)! But summer isn’t without its faults. When I was younger, I occasionally found myself alone because a majority of my friends were either away on vacation or working as counselors at sleep-away summer camps. The sun becomes infinitely less fun when you find yourself without anyone to enjoy it with. Luckily, I’m an optimistic person by nature, and I always took that time as an opportunity to catch up on my for-fun reading. Specifically, I looked for books that would take me AWAY (I mean far far away, both in time and space). I liked the opportunity to escape and go on a completely non-contemporary adventure! It was my way of running away…you know…without any actual running. It’s still what I do when I find myself bored with my everyday life, which is why I have a recommendation list a mile long. So whether you’re working the worst summer job of your life, missing your friends, or just want to ignore the realities of life, here are some books that are sure to give you an epic escape from the ordinary!

P.S. Be sure to bring this with you on your next bookstore run!