We’re all big readers here. So it’s no surprise that we not only read different kinds of books, but we also read in vastly different ways. Did you know that ancient readers probably primarily read aloud and silent reading was uncommon? Obviously, there are all kinds of ways to read today, and we all have our own unique preferences.

Let us know in the comments what type of reader you are!


Riveted - Reader pristine

The Pristine Page Turner

The books on your shelf look like they’ve never been opened, but not because you haven’t enjoyed them—you’re just highly protective of your favorite stories and characters. The pages are spotless and the jackets are crisp, all arranged neatly on your shelf. Your series are in perfect order because you had to buy the matching editions; you can’t resist those spines that line up to make a picture. And, of course, you never forget to use a bookmark.

Riveted - Reader dogear

The Dog-earer

You take your books everywhere with you—crammed into backpacks, stuffed into pockets, thoroughly flipped through. You’ve got stashes ready to take along to read in the car, on the train, at the beach, at the dinner table. You’re not afraid of a little wear and tear, and it’s clear that you’ve loved your books with their cracked spines and taped pages. You can find all your favorite parts when you reread from all the dog-eared pages. Plus you’re not afraid to lend your books to others.


Riveted - Reading Rainbow

The Reading Rainbow

You like making your mark on your reading material, whether with sticky note tabs or highlighters. You’re able to quickly find patterns in your notes, from favorite characters to meaningful quotes. You’ve got pages underlined to go back to the best parts and notes scribbled in the margins to look back on during your next reread.

Riveted - Reader pb

Team Paperback

You like to travel light and not have too much weighing you down (or you like to cram you bookshelves to maximum capacity). You know that stories not only transport you, but also that paperbacks are also pretty easily transportable. Paperbacks are lighter, cheaper, foldable, and you don’t have to feel too precious about them. They’re pretty low maintenance and are ideal for reading on the go. They’re also simpler to let go, either to send to a friend or leave at the airport for someone else to pick up for their next adventure.


Riveted - Reader HC

Team Hardcover

You like to go all out with the shiny covers and smell of fresh ink. You like a little weight to your books. Plus it’s not like they’re completely dead weight—they make excellent chairs, trays, tripods, doorstops, and stepstools in a pinch. When they’re not being used for reading time or utility, they make your bookshelves feel like a library.

Digital books

Team Ebook

You’re all for convenience and ease, and you love that you can have your entire library in your pocket at all times. When you’re in the mood for a certain book, you’ve got it right at your fingertips. You like the sleek speed of seeing your progress as you swipe through pages. You know you don’t have to sacrifice your reading time to keep living the minimalist lifestyle.

Riveted - Reader Library

The Library Bandit

You like to browse up and down the rows surrounded by other readers. You can appreciate that crinkling noise of the plastic around the book jacket and the knowledge that this book carries the life of its many readers in its pages. You’ve also been known to scramble fast to pick up your holds quickly, you recognize the importance of sharing stories and community, but you’ve also bookwormed your way out of fines by avoiding the library entirely.

Riveted - reader juggler

The Book Juggler

One story is not enough. You make choose-your-own adventures by starting at least two books at a time. You’ve got to have one for reading while you wait in line and another for bedtime. Or maybe you’ve got a whole pile of books to read for school, so you’ve got to catch up on your dystopian nightmares and swoony romances on the side. In any case, you like to be many places at once, and somehow you manage to keep it all straight.

Riveted - reader multitask

The Multitasker

Even though you’re a bookworm, the last place you’ll be is sitting quietly in the library. You’re glued to your book as you get dressed, brush your teeth, walk your dog. Doing the dishes one handed is no problem because you’re too invested in the plotlines of fictional characters to put the book down now. You’ve been known to perhaps “procrastinate” by putting off homework or showering so you could get in just a few more chapters.

Riveted - Reader libro

The Librocubicularist

You love a good bedtime story. It helps you drift off to sleep peacefully and fill your dreams with adventures. And when you wake up, the first thing you do is reach for your book to ease you into the day. You know that living with your head in the clouds is pretty dreamy.