If you aren’t following @ShadowhunterBks on twitter, you’re missing out on a world of Shadowhunter knowledge. Here are a bunch of Shadowhunter fun facts we’ve collected from their Twitter.

1. Clary and Jace share a toothbrush.


2. Will’s dragon tattoo is in the “buttchular area”.


3. Izzy was the one who gave Clary the (very important) Voyance rune.


4. Magnus ran a speakeasy called Mr. Dry’s during prohibition.


5. Clary broke her arm when she was ten. She fell out of a tree on Luke’s farm.


6. Cortana can “fly” like a boomerang.


7. Ty loves hedgehogs.


8. Magnus once owned a pet monkey called Ragnor.


9. Will’s “letter” to Tessa in A Tale of Two Cities was read aloud at Herondale marriage ceremonies.


10. Henry Branwell wrote a memoir called “A Whoops and a Bang: The Shadowhunter Modern Age.”


11. Anna’s first great love had a name starting with A. A broke her heart.


12. Catarina Loss was engaged once but always too busy to marry.


13. Simon is a vegetarian.


14. At the Scholomance, Kieran sorts all the books about faeries according to how inaccurate they are.


15. Alec once threw Magnus a surprise birthday party with lots of cats as guests.


16. Maia likes her coffee with milk and sugar. Clary and Jace have opposite coffee preferences.

17. Simon did six years of archery at B’nai B’rith summer camp.

18. Simon and Jace once dedicated a song to Magnus’s cat titled “Come Back, Meow.”

19. Alec and Magnus take their coffee the same way. Simon takes it black.

20. Simon and Izzy have an ongoing D&D game with Jace, Clary, Magnus, and Alec.

21. Tessa is 5’9 while Will and Jem are 5’10.

22. The Blackthorn family originally had 8 children but Cassie “killed” the youngest.

23. Alec is scared of spiders and “he has a fear of umbrellas.”

24. Jace doesn’t like cucumbers because Cassie dislikes them.

25. Clary’s clumsy and she cuts her own hair.

26. Jem loves 21st century music.

27. Maia, Will, Diana, and Jordan all have tattoos.

28. Will once tried to breed a race of cannibal ducks.

29. Alec’s blue eyes match the color of Magnus’s magic.

30. Isabelle is allergic to tulips.

31. Clary still paints and even exhibits her art.

32. Magnus wrote a book about Chairman Meow called The Biggest Little Kitten in Brooklyn.

33. Clary hates vanilla perfume and dislikes heights.

34. Lily is “five fabulous foot of woman.”

35. Clary listens to the band Stepping Razor in City of Bones, which is the band from Holly Black’s Tithe.

36. Will broke Gabriel’s arm when they were boys.

37. Henry and Magnus wrote letters to each other while Magnus lived in New York City.

38. Charlotte and Henry will “have very young daughters” in The Last Hours.

39. Charlotte is Anna’s godmother.

40. Johnathan Shadowhunter “had a brave orange marmalade cat named Lionheart.”