Whether they’re tied to the living world by an unresolved wrong, or choose their fate themselves, spirits are an essential part of the Shadowhunters world! Did your fave spirit make this list? Beware: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read all the books!

Top 6 Spirits from the Shadowhunter Books

6. Old Molly 

Purveyor of downworldgoods and recipient of Will’s ever-present charm.

“William ’erondale,” she said. “Back again so soon?”

Will leaned against the gate. “You know I missed your pretty face.”

Clockwork Prince

5. Filomena di Angelo

Even though we only knew her for a short while, she certainly made an impression!

“Of course,” Filomena said, tossing her dark head as she prepared to leave the room. “Rome conquered the world in six hundred years. I shall conquer the Enclave in one night.”

Chain of Iron

4. George Lovelace

The best roommate Simon could ever ask for… except for maybe the rats.

“Simon and George had discovered that the key to a happy roommate relationship was clear division of labor. So George was in charge of disposing of all creatures—rats, lizards, cockroaches, the occasional odd-shaped mishmash of the three whose ancestor had, presumably, once insulted a warlock—found in the closets or beneath the beds.”

“Angels Twice Descending,” Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

3. Jessamine Lovelace 

She might have made some bad choices in her life, but she’s turned into an interesting ghostly companion for Lucie.

“So, Jessamine,” said Lucie. “Can ghosts lie?”

“Certainly not!” Jessamine looked shifty. “Ghosts are completely honest. I keep telling you, it was mice who knocked your silver mirror behind the desk and broke it.”

Chain of Gold

2. Jesse Blackthorn 

Just like Lucie, we’re not giving up on you, Jesse! Fingers crossed something exciting happens in Chain of Thorns.

“Don’t go,” Lucie whispered.

Jesse touched her cheek. “Only promise me one thing,” he said. “If I do go, give us a happy ending, will you? In your book?”

“I don’t believe in endings,” she said.

Chain of Iron

1. Livvy Blackthorn

Oh, Livvy! 😢 We’d rather you were still alive, but we’re glad we still get to see you when Ty is around!

“I want to be like you, Jules. Not this second, not right now, but someday. I want to take care of people, other Shadowhunters, people who need me. I want to run an Institute.”

Lord of Shadows

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