The newest installment in the MCU is here! The Marvels features Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau (a personal favorite heroine of mine from WandaVision), and the young, snarky Kamala Khan, aka Miss Marvel, as they team up to save multiple planets. If you love a fun, female-centric superhero movie like I do, you’ll love reading about these female heroines after seeing The Marvels. Let’s go!

Crown of Feathers cover image
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto
If you’re itching to read about fierce female warriors after seeing The Marvels, look no further than Nikki Pau Preto’s Crown of Feathers series, set in a world ruled by fierce warrior queens, and centering a complicated sister relationship reminiscent of Gamora and Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. Betrayed by her sister, Veronyka sets out to find the legendary Phoenix Riders of old and join their ranks, no matter what it takes. Full of high stakes, riveting action, richly drawn characters, and plenty of shocking plot twists, Crown of Feathers is the perfect book to draw you in after leaving the MCU (for now).
Vespertine cover image
Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson
Vespertine follows Artemisia who is training to be a Gray Sister and keep the ravenous spirits of the dead from tormenting the living. With a mysterious and troubled past, Artemisia much prefers dealing with the dead to the living, but gets more than she bargained for when an attack on her convent leads her to call on a being whose power almost overwhelms her. Like many of the heroes in the Marvel universe, wielding such an immense power, and being at the center of such a large conflict as a result, is the last thing Artemisia wants for herself, but getting to watch her grow into her heroic role is one of the many things that makes Vespertine such an amazing read.
Alanna cover image
Alanna by Tamora Pierce
Just like Kamala Khan, Alanna is on the cusp of her heroic journey at the start of the beloved Song of the Lioness series. Alanna craves the adventure and heroism of the life of a knight, even though that path is closed for girls. Instead of accepting defeat, she disguises herself as her twin brother and sets off for a life of adventure, magic, and destiny. Alanna learns who her allies and enemies are and comes into her own with newfound powers, making the Song of the Lioness series perfect to binge after watching The Marvels!
Bonesmith cover image
Bonesmith by Nicki Pau Preto
Bonesmith is a dark young adult fantasy following the disgraced bonesmith Wren as she attempts to prove she is worthy of being anointed a valkyr, a ghost-fighting warrior tasked with severing violent ghosts from their earthly remains. With her single-minded determination to prove herself a warrior, Wren would fit right in with the Marvels’ and their determination to save the universe!
Foul Lady Fortune cover image
Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong
Rosalind Lang was brought back from the brink of death, but the strange experiment that saved her life had some very superhero-like side effects: she no longer ages, she no longer needs to sleep, and she can now heal from any wound inflicted on her. Full of historical thriller intrigue, a delicious slow-burn romance, and pitched by Chloe herself as “a Chinese period drama meets a Marvel movie,” Foul Lady Fortune is a must-read for any Marvel fan!
Legendborn cover image
Legendborn by Tracy Deonn
Similar to Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, Bree Matthews must come to terms with a unique power unlocked from deep within her after witnessing a magical attack on her first night at her new school, an attack that is somehow connected to her mother’s sudden death. Like Monica, Bree struggles with the loss of her mother while navigating a new world of powers and otherworldly enemies, making Legendborn a perfect read to follow up The Marvels.

If you couldn’t wait for the release of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and have already completed your Hunger Games series reread or movie marathon, you might be experiencing a pretty severe reading slump from all the nostalgia and emotion that comes with returning to a much beloved series, but never fear! We have you covered with a list of similar reads you can read to avoid that end-of-series slump.



Powerless cover image
Powerless by Lauren Roberts

If you’re looking for another deadly competition complete with forbidden romance and all the tension and banter you can dream of, look no further than Powerless! Paedyn Gray survives as a thief in the slums of Ilya, until she unwittingly saves a prince of the Elite, and finds herself in the center of the Purging Trials, where Elites compete to showcase their powers. The problem? Paedyn is powerless, and it will take everything she has to survive.

Cruel Illusions cover image
Cruel Illusions by Margie Fuston

If you’re caught up in the nostalgia of the golden days of YA dystopias, a paranormal romance like Cruel Illusions might be the perfect pairing for your dystopian obsession. Featuring another deadly competition, a magical secret society, and a heroine intent on revenge (plus an added bonus: vampires), Cruel Illusions provides all the escapism and delicious romance necessary to recover from a Hunger Games marathon.

Their Vicious Games cover image
Their Vicious Games by Joelle Wellington

Want something that's more grounded in reality but still has a deadly edge? Try Their Vicious Games, a heart-pounding thriller with, you guessed it, a deadly competition! In this must-read new release Adina is desperate to regain her Ivy League acceptance and soon realizes that if she wants to survive and secure the future she deserves, she’s going to have to rewrite the rules to the game.

Scythe cover image
Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Though shalt kill. The first book in the Arc of the Scythe series brings you to a world where humanity has conquered death, and the grave responsibility of culling the world’s population falls to the Scythes. Scythe brings the pulse-pounding action and plot twists of The Hunger Games and amps up the moral and existential themes, making it a read you’ll be thinking about long after you put it down.

A Door in the Dark cover image
A Door in the Dark by Scott Reintgen

If you’re struggling to choose between fantasy and thriller for your post-Hunger Games read, you don’t have to with A Door in the Dark. This fantasy-thriller follows a cast of teenage wizards as they fight to make their way home after a spell-gone-wrong leaves them stranded in a punishing wilderness, much like Katniss when she competes in her first Hunger Games.

The Bones of Ruin cover image
The Bones of Ruin by Sarah Raughley

Interested in a historical-fantasy? The Bones of Ruin will transport you to a dark and dangerous Victorian London, where an African tightrope walker, Iris, gets embroiled in a secret society’s deadly gladiatorial tournament (deadly competition, check!). Iris can’t die and has no memories of her past, but the more vicious the tournament becomes, and the closer she gets to uncovering the mysteries of who she is, the more she begins to realize that some questions may be better left unanswered.

Blood Like Magic cover image
Blood Like Magic by Liselle Sambury

Craving the angst of Katniss and Peeta being thrown in the games together and (slowly) falling in love, knowing only one of them can survive? Try Blood Like Magic, a fan-favorite fantasy that follows a young witch tasked with killing her first love to save her entire bloodline’s magic. With a delightfully infuriating love interest and richly imagined world, this book is sure to help you get out of your post-Hunger Games slump!

The Program Collection (Boxed Set) cover image
The Program Collection (Boxed Set) by Suzanne Young

In the mood for more dystopia? Suzanne Young’s The Program is the first book in another compulsively readable dystopian series, (now with stunning new covers), where teen suicide is an epidemic, and showing any emotion will land you in The Program. To go through The Program is to lose everything, and with a heart-wrenching romance on the line, you won’t be able to stop turning pages.

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