Are you an aspiring bookstagrammer? Well, you’re in the right place! Part of my job working on Riveted is taking bookstagram photos for Riveted by Simon Teen!  I thought I would share my favorite photo props and tips with all of you. And the best part? You probably have all of these items in your home RIGHT NOW.

14 Essential Props Every Bookstagrammer Needs!


Backgrounds might be the most important part of a photo. I recommend using places in your home, for example, the picture of I Have the Right To is in front of a wall here at Riveted offices. If you are looking to buy a background, the wood background behind Saints & Misfits is actually paper!


Plants are a fun way to add dimension to any picture. You can use fake or real plants around your home and you can’t tell a difference!


Mugs are something everyone has in their home, and it’s the perfect addition to any picture.  What reader doesn’t love a good tea or coffee while reading? (Bonus Tip: soda photographs better than actual tea or coffee)

Fake (or real!) Food

Pick up a snack to eat (or drink) when you’re done taking photos AND use them in your photo!


Frames can add a unique quality to your picture and they help bring the viewers eye right to the book. I keep a few empty frames in the office to use for photos, but I’ve also used frames that are on my walls at home!


Chalkboards are one of my favorite props because you get to be creative with what you put on them!


Here’s another prop that you probably have at home! Use watches, rings, necklaces, or anything that adds to the photo.


If you ever needed an excuse to buy more candles, here it is! I LOVE using candles in photos because you can play with the colors and even the lighting if you decide to burn your candle.


Feathers come in so many gorgeous colors! These black feathers add a soft yet mysterious touch.


Nothing makes a photo look cozier than a blanket. Bonus: It also adds a new dimension and texture to the picture.


If you don’t have a chalkboard, try a notebook! You can still be creative, write quotes, and add something special to your picture!



What’s better than taking a picture of one book? Taking a picture of multiple books! Bookstacks might be the most popular photo on bookstagram AND they’re one of the easiest to take.


Grab a friend and make them be your model! Bookstagram doesn’t have to be JUST books, mix things up and throw a person into your feed! Fun Fact: This is actually a picture of me with some of my FAVORITE books!


Lighting is arguably the most important part of a photo. You don’t need any fancy lights to start taking bookstagram pictures, the best lighting to use is actually natural light from the sun!

Good luck on your bookstagram journey and don’t forget to follow us and tag @SimonTeen in all your pictures!