If you’ve ever wanted to dive into the sci-fi genre but haven’t known where to start, look no further! The six books below are full of intriguing plots, scientific adventures, futuristic elements, and even a little romance. These page-turners all manage to be entertaining without getting overwhelmingly difficult to comprehend, and they’ll definitely leave you wanting more.

6 Electrifying Science Fiction Reads for Newbies

1. The Program by Suzanne Young

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In a future where suicide is an international epidemic, a teen named Sloane and her boyfriend James attempt to hide any compromising emotions for fear of being sent to “The Program,” which would wipe away their emotions and memories. As they both await turning 18 and being free from the threat of The Program, can Sloane and James get by on just their love, or will the depression claim them as it has so many others?


2. The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

Sworn to protect the young woman she was created to keep alive, Nemesis the Diabolic must go to the galactic court disguised as the senator’s daughter, Sidonia, and take her place as a hostage. Amidst the tension at court over the impending rebellion and Nemesis’ fear of being found out, she manages to form connections with some of the others there and questions the essence of her humanity. It’s a thrilling, futuristic ride from start to finish.


3. This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

In a post-apocalyptic world where humans can manipulate their own genetic code but are susceptible to a deadly virus that makes them explode, one young hacker named Cat attempts to release the vaccine that her scientist father created before he was killed. Cat must begrudgingly accept the help of a soldier from the corporation she’s been fighting for years, and together they attempt to save humanity. Also check out This Mortal Coil’s new Sequal, This Cruel Design, out October 30th!!


4. Sanctuary by Caryn Lix

When a breach in the space-set youth prison Sanctuary occurs, young guard-in-training Kenzie becomes a hostage to the prisoners whose only crime is being super-powered and deemed too dangerous to live on Earth. Kenzie begins to question her loyalty to the corporation that raised her when she realizes she might have more in common with the prisoners than she thought.


5. Scythe by Neal Shusterman

When humanity humanity has advanced so far that death is unnecessary, two teens must learn to master the art of death as apprentices to a scythe – the only ones in society able to take a life in order to control the population. All is not as it seems however, when the two must navigate the ethics of their positions, their relationship to one another, and the inner politics and danger of the scythe community.


6. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Living in a society that values physical appearances over everything else, Tally Youngblood has been eagerly awaiting her 16th birthday her whole life. When you turn sixteen in this futuristic world you undergo a surgery that changes you from a bland “ugly” to a “pretty,” which allows you to move to New Pretty Town and happily enjoy all of the parties and happiness you want. But right before her birthday, Tally’s friend Shay introduces her to a group of people who choose to live in the wild and stay ugly forever. With her friend’s rebellion compromising her upcoming procedure, Tally must make an important decision that could change her life forever.