Sometimes all you need is a good book, some mood lighting, and a comfy chair to make your reading experience *chef’s kiss* perfect. But with so many great reading accessories that will seriously upgrade your reading game out there, why not take your experience to the next level? Check out these reading tools you NEED to grab!

10 Reading Accessories You Need


We’re starting this list with the obvious reading necessity: every reader needs a beautiful, reliable bookmark! Whether it’s made of paper, plastic, or silk, a bookmark is essential if you’re looking to keep your place while protecting the fragile corners of your book pages. Check out some fancy bookmark options on Etsy here!

Photo from Etsy creator @midislanddivy!


2. Annotation Tools

I’ve recently started annotating, and it has completely changed my reading game! I use little annotation tabs while reading, like these from Amazon, and they help me stay fully focused on what I’m reading. I find I am much more connected to the text when I annotate, and I will not be going back to my pre-annotation discovery ways. If you have many thoughts and feelings while reading, annotating your books might just be for you!


3. Page Holders

We’ve all faced those annoying hand cramps from holding a book open for too long, but that pain is completely avoidable with nifty page holders like these on Etsy. These little guys help you keep your book open with little to no discomfort. You know what that means…longer reading marathons are in your future!

Photo above from Etsy user @HighlandConcepts.


4. Physical & Electronic Reading Journals

Reading journals can be whatever you make it. I have two kinds of reading journals: a physical one and an electric one. There are many reading journals out on the market right now that are already filled with prompts and lists for you to fill out your TBR and reflect on the books you’re reading.

You can also get more creative and make your own reading journals, either physical or electronic. My electronic reading journal of choice is the note-taking app Goodnotes, and through the app I track my TBR, the books I’ve read this year, and more! I’ve found reading journals to be so helpful, especially in helping me keep track of my books and reflect on the books I’ve already read.


5. Goodreads & The Storygraph

This is another obvious but important reading tool every reader should utilize: sites like Goodreads and The Storygraph. Both sites have millions of readers reviewing and rating books, and they are usually super reliable sources of book recommendations! Whenever I go to the bookstore, I have my Goodreads account up to check ratings of books before I commit to buying one.

Another amazing feature that both Goodreads and The Storygraph have are their Reading Challenges. You set your goal every year, and both sites help you track your progress, letting you know by how many books you are ahead or behind (or right on track) of your reading schedule. Plus, with these apps you’re able to see your progress through every read – you can enter in what page you’re on in a certain book, and both sites will give you an estimated percentage of how much you’ve completed!


6. BookBuddy+

If you are a huge book collector like me, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all the books you own. BookBuddy+ is an app that has seriously helped me with keeping my library organized. BookBuddy+ is a book database app that allows you to scan all the books you own, organize them through various categories, and more! Another helpful feature is the ability to make note of when you’ve lent books out – BookBuddy+ can connect to your contacts so you don’t forget who has borrowed books from you.


7. Mini Books

One of my favorite bookish trends is creating mini books to track the books you’ve read! They are so cute, and using them as a reading tracker is such a unique and creative idea. Watch this TikTok from creator @stevieandjohn to learn how to make your own mini books.


8. Reading Lights

Good lighting is an obvious essential for any reader. You can use any lamp or natural lighting, or you can invest in lighting made specifically for reading, like these lights from Amazon. These lights are so convenient and can tag along with you wherever you want to read.


9. Headphones

Reading doesn’t only include taking in stories and words visually – audiobooks can also be a great way to read! If you are an audiobook fan, you will definitely need a good pair of headphones so you can completely focus on the story without outside noises distracting you.


10. Coffee/Tea

Coffee and tea are the BEST reading accessory, and completely necessary for those long nights when you don’t want to put down your book. Drink up, and enjoy your latest read!


Now that you have all the necessary reading accessories, check out these bookends that will upgrade your bookshelf game!