Crafting is a great way to spend your free time—and can turn into something super dope and worthy of sharing on social media (isn’t it okay to show off?). As a fellow book lover, I know that it’s super tempting to just re-arrange your shelf by color or size (you name it), but there are some incredible book-related crafts that I just can’t WAIT to try. If you have the time, you’ll totally be tempted to try them too.

The Perfect Crafts for Book Lovers

1. Book Folding Patterns

Folded book patterns look stunning on any bookshelf and are a great conversation piece. There are a ton of book folding patterns available online that can be used on any of your favorite titles, but you can also find pre-folded book patterns online (the easiest in my opinion). Seriously, they look great.

Check out this book folding pattern here.


2. Printed Book Page Art

I LOVE book page art prints. There are a ton of crafty Etsy users who screen print original art on book pages. But if you are artistically challenged, such as myself, you can actually cut out a book page and print an image directly on it, frame, and then pat yourself on the back for your ingenuity. These look great in any book nook (or any room in your house.) They are *chefs kiss* so stunning.

Find all the tips for how to create amazing book prints here.


3. Book Page Wallpaper

This would be a real undertaking but I am SO down to create this look. This is another craft that would really spruce up your reading space. Not only that, but it would also give you a fantastic selfie backdrop. There are some logistics involved here that have been solved by some very interior design-minded people—and it actually seems much easier to pull off than it looks.  10/10 must try.

Check out these instructions for easy DIY wallpaper.


4. TBR Jar

Us book worms always have an ever-growing to-read list. You are guilty of this and you know it. And that’s totally okay! But this craft here puts a fun spin on it. There are pre-made ones available online, but you can just grab a mason jar, label and decorate it as you please, then write each TBR title on an individual piece of colored paper, then insert into the jar and pick at random! How easy and cute is that? Brian Murray put me on to this and shared the above image of his own TBR jar!


5. Bookshelf Insert

Creating a DIY bookshelf insert is an awesome way to make your bookshelf special and unique. I think spending a weekend making one of these sounds like a weekend well spent! You don’t have have to do a fantasy-themed one, the world is your oyster when it comes to making a little bookshelf insert. And if you don’t want to make an insert yourself, that’s ok! There are so many on Etsy.


Anyways, there are SO many other book crafts online, like book sculpture and what not, but these are a few of my favorites. Happy crafting!

Looking for more? Check out these tips for creating the perfect book nook!

Ahhh, The Craft! We love a 90s cult classic here at Simon Teen. The soundtrack is perfect and the film provides infinite style inspiration during spooky season (or every season if you wear all black, tbh). If you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor and add it your ever-growing list of “movies-to-watch.” And if you’ve already seen it, you know that a remake, The Craft: Legacy, is available for streaming by the end of the month.

I have so many questions after seeing the trailer—how did they get that picture of Nancy? Are any of the original witches going to make a surprise appearance in the film? And how has the magic changed (other than totally being way more Instagram friendly than the original)? What’s with the magic sparkles?

Looks like we have to wait and see. But in preparation for this witchy event, fine-tune your senses and surround yourself with these spooky reads:

Books to Read if You Love The Craft

1. Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen

Yessss, light as a feather, stiff as a board! What an iconic scene and befitting title to this series (also adapted for Hulu). McKenna is welcomed into her high school’s most elite clique. During a sleepover, a new girl in town, named Violet, suggests that everyone plays a super creepy game in which she creates elaborate death scenarios. A week later, the first slumber party attendee goes—exactly like how Violet predicted. Throw in a haunted house and you have all the ingredients for a bewitching read.


2. When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey

This tale about a coven gone wrong has not four—but six witches whose powers begin to go astray. Love, lust, jealousy and insecurity plague their circle and things really start to get out of hand when a boy winds up dead. Sounds familiar? I thought so!


3. Book of Shadows by M. Verano

A good grimoire is a must. In The Craft, we watch the coven work their way up to the more powerful and dangerous incantations in their spell book. In Book of Shadows, Melanie finds the perfect journal to jot her ideas in, but is too tempted to do so. The book clearly looks like a grimoire and her friends start writing their own spells in it. Lo and behold, a spell in unrecognizable handwriting pops up. Soon, they discover that all the written spells do work—but not without serious consequences. Also sounds pretty familiar, hm?


4. Slayer by Kiersten White

This New York Times bestseller takes a few cues from not only The Craft, but also another 90s cult classic: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Like The Craft: Legacy, it’s the same world but a new generation grappling with the same issues as their occult-inclined predecessors. Throw in some slayers, witches, demons, dark magic, spells…and high school. Yikes! It’s not easy being gifted.


5. The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

One of the enduring themes in The Craft is its focus on society’s fears of those who are different (and in many respects, those who are fearful of feminine power). Only here, all three witches are sentenced to death but return each summer to possess the bodies of young women and lure young men to their deaths. Flash forward two centuries later, and we have a witchy prodigy who needs to either save herself or…the new guy in town. Trust me, this creepy bestseller has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.


6. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw

Our last book rec features plenty of witchy women with a deep and powerful connection to the woods surrounding their town. These woods also happen to be haunted. A boy who mysteriously vanishes there during the heart of winter reappears weeks later. It’s up to Nora, our bewitching heroine, to discover what truly happened in those dark, dark woods. Creepy, but with a hint of romance.


7. The Witch Haven by Sasha Peyton Smith

The Last Magician meets The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy in this thrilling and atmospheric historical fantasy following a young woman who discovers she has magical powers and is thrust into a battle between witches and wizards.


Any of these reads will perfectly compliment a night leading up to Hollow’s Eve and the premiere of The Craft: Legacy. I personally recommend smudging your room beforehand and reading by candlelight to really set the mood. After all, it is spooky season.

In the mood for more witchy reads? We’ve got a few recommendations!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably binge-watched a Netflix show (or two or three) while being stuck at home. Nothing wrong with that. But if you’re ready for a break, take our quiz and pick the Netflix original you last watched to get a good book rec.


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Capricorn season is upon us, starting December 21 and lasting through January 20. All my fellow hardworking goats know that 1) It’s getting really cold out and 2) People use the cold as an excuse to miss out on your wintery birthday festivities (really?!). Anyways, bitterness aside, the Capricorn gang is known for being ambitious, practical, persistent, and a bit pessimistic. Here are some book recs to keep your optimism up and going during Saturn’s reign.

The Perfect Book Recs for Capricorns

1. Permanent Record by Mary H.K. Choi

Mary H.K. Choi’s second book is an ode to finding love, and ultimately yourself, in the “emotionally expensive” city that is New York. Meet Pablo Rind, a college drop-out with a whole lot of debt weighing him down. Like any hardworking Cap, he picks up a shift at a bodega to make ends meet (the graveyard shift, no less). All this changes once pop star Leanna Smart stops by on a 5am snack-run. Sparks fly and things get…complicated. With just the right amount of romance, humor, and pessimism—this book has just enough to keep any Capricorn entertained this winter.

Also! Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu is going to produce and potentially direct the feature film adaptation!! So stay tuned!


2. The Toll by Neal Shusterman

Please do yourself a favor and pick up Neal Shusterman’s Arc of a Scythe series if you haven’t already. There’s a reason why all these books have hit the bestseller list, and it’s because they are just that good. Scythes share many similarities with the Capricorn gang: they’re resilient, somber, and highly disciplined (they undergo rigorous training to receive their robes and death rights). There’s enough action, plot twists, and death tolls to keep you on the edge of your seat. Trust me, you won’t need to stream anything if you have this book by your side.


3. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Like Caps, Andie is as hardworking as they come. She’s the kind of Type-A girl who always has a plan and sticks to it. With her sights set on a top-tier medical school, she doesn’t have time for relationships or any other distractions. But when a political scandal costs her a summer internship, Andie suddenly finds herself working as a dog walker—and has to re-examine her workaholic persona in order to embrace the chaos of the unknown. This book is perfect for the non-stop Capricorn who plays the book and has a hard time going with the flow!


4. SLAY by Brittney Morris

Kiera Johnson is an over-achiever. Not only is she an honors student and a math tutor—but she’s also the highly-talented game developer of a secret multiplayer online role-playing card game, SLAY. On top of this, Kiera also has to deal with a problematic boyfriend, controversy over her game’s Afro-centric themes, and a potential law-suit. Fellow Capricorns can relate to Kiera’s struggle to have it all, without losing her authenticity in the process.


5. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw

As the name implies, Winterwood takes place during the very season us Capricorns are born—winter. Throw in a dash of witchery, dark romance, and atmosphere—and you’ll have the perfect read for a chilly night in. Prepare yourself for a twist at the end!


6. Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

If, like most other Capricorns, you’re into dry humor, suspense, and intrigue, then Red Scrolls of Magic is a must-read! Magnus Bane, one of the most powerful warlocks in the world, decides to take his Shadowhunter boyfriend, Alec Lightwood, on a trip to Paris. However, their lavish vacation is cut short by the appearance of a demon-worshipping cult called Crimson Hand. The couple must stay determined and rely on each other more than ever to make it work. At 368 pages, this isn’t a quite a beach read, but pairs well with a warm blanket on a cold night.


7. Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Elisabeth is also a Type-A kind of girl who lives by the book. So much so that she’s a resilient and practical apprentice at a magical library. All of her plans come to a screeching halt when the library’s most dangerous grimoire is released (and literally transforms in a creature made of ink and leather). Suddenly, Elisabeth is ensnared in a conspiracy, with no one to turn to but her dashing sworn enemy, Nathaniel Thorn.  Yes, there’s some romance, but this book is ultimately about facing a future not quite planned for. Capricorns, take note!


Not a Capricorn? Check out what books you should read based on your zodiac sign!

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