Have you ever been asked what book universe you’d like to live in? Mine’s the world of Harry Potter—post 7th book—no contest (have you seen my profile picture?). But there’s a surprising lack of books I’d actually like to live in because so many contain horrific situations that NO ONE wants to be a part of. This is especially true when it comes to dystopias. I mean, you couldn’t pay me to walk into The Hunger Games universe, pre OR post Mockingjay. It also goes for utopias, because HELLO, they’re definitely just secretly dystopias. Take Want by Cindy Pon for example, in which the rich can buy longer lives because they can afford special suits to protect them from pollution and viruses in the world.  Those who can afford suits probably feel like they’re living in the perfect utopian society since basically nothing can touch them, but ask the people who can’t afford them, like Want’s main character Jason Zhao, and you’re looking at a dystopian nightmare. Is it an absolutely compelling and enthralling dystopian nightmare? ABSOLUTELY! Would I walk into it even if given my own functional wizard wand? No way. Read the extended excerpt of Want until July 3rd to learn more about this crazy world.

Here are 5 more dystopian societies I NEVER want to set foot in (but I will read about them because I enjoy nice things).