Fragile Like Us is sensitive, heartbreaking, and beautiful, and I was so glad to finally read it. It tells the story of Caddy, a sixteen-year-old girl who’s ready for her life to become more interesting and exciting. She meets Suzanne and is swept up in a close and consuming friendship with her. But Suzanne is outrunning some demons of her own, trying to escape her past — and she may get caught in a downward spiral that takes Caddy down too.

But lucky readers in the UK have already been able to read Fragile Like Us for a while — because it was originally published there in February 2016, under the title Beautiful Broken Things. It gained a lot of traction and buzz over there, which helped propel it over the pond and into your local bookstore. Through my mild jealousy that there are people who’ve been able to read this book for almost a year and a half already, I started wondering — what other of my favorite books started with our friends in England? I’ve made a list of some other great titles that hopped over the pond. Check it out, and then read Fragile Like Us (available as an extended excerpt on Riveted through 7/31!).

Don’t forget to let me know some of your favorite British titles in the comments!