It’s summer, and we’re celebrating our favorite YA romances all season long! If you’re ready to join us in reading as many epic romances as we can but aren’t sure where to start, we have tons of great book suggestions for what you should read next! Are you ready?

Contemporary Romances That You Need to Read ASAP

Whether you’re a fan of the contemporary romance genre or not, here are a few absolute must-read books!

Historical Fiction Romances

Now, let’s travel back in time with these historical fiction romances.

Romances Featuring BIPOC Main Characters

These romances all feature BIPOC main characters and are absolute must-reads!

LGBTQIA+ Love Stories to Read All Year Round

LGBTQIA+ love stories should be celebrated year-round, and these amazing ones deserve a spot on your TBR.

Enemies-to-Lovers Romances

Who doesn’t love a good enemies-to-lovers romance!

Second-Chance Romances

These swoon-worthy romances are all about second chances.

Friends-to-Lovers Romances That Will Make Your Heart Swoon

Sometimes love was there all along. ❤️

Swoonworthy Romances to Read This Summer

We hope you’re seated because these books will make you swoon!

Adorable Romances That Will Make You Believe in Love

These adorable romances will definitely make you smile.

Forbidden Romances

The only thing that’s truly forbidden is NOT reading one of these books!

Creative Romeo and Juliet Retellings

Did someone say star-crossed lovers?

Books That Feature Fake Dating

It’s only fake dating! They won’t fall in love for real…right?